GIS Technology

The GIS mass gas transfer system is an innovative "game changer" for the aquaculture industry. The GIS infusion system dissolves oxygen in water, creating a completely bubbleless solution by way of our proprietary gas infusion module. As opposed to conventional methods, the GIS system involves an exchange of gases, extracting nitrogen from the incoming fluid stream and infusing oxygen into the outgoing fluid stream. Because this is a 1 for 1 molecule exchange, total gas pressure remains constant. GIS systems can be applied in either fresh or salt water environments. The efficiency of the mass gas transfer is not affected by water temperature; thus, we easily supply highly saturated oxygen during critical periods of rising temperature. Increased dissolved oxygen levels are maintained/stabilized due to the total solubility in the fluid stream resulting in a half-life of over 150 hours.

Application of this innovative game changing technology has resulted in a healthier, stress- free environment for the fish.

Benefits of the GIS technology for Aquaculture:

  • Healthier Fish
  • Efficient DO adsorption and utilization by all aquaculture species
  • DO stability
  • Reduced oxygen costs (generator or liquid)
  • Lower Food Conversion Rate
  • Less Waste production
  • Increased Biomass per M3 water
  • Increased growth
  • Increased quality
  • Increased PROFITS

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