GIS Gas Infusion Systems Inc.

GIS has developed a game changing technology utilizing an oxygen delivery system which enhances fish health.

GIS Gas Infusion Systems Inc. (“GIS”) is a St. Andrews New Brunswick based company. Prior to incorporating in June 2016, the founders had been researching the super saturation of water with dissolved oxygen while maintaining a constant total gas pressure.

As Canada’s marine science research hub, with the Canadian Department of Fisheries St. Andrews Biological Station and the Huntsman Marine Sciences Center, St. Andrew's has provided GIS unique access to leading scientists and facilities. The foundational research was used as a cornerstone to establishing GIS as a commercial company.

Utilizing the foundational research, we have successfully delivered the first of a series of innovative, game changing solutions to industry. GIS will continue the science based approach it has successfully followed to date in developing further solutions.


Ken Hight
Executive Chairman
Stephen Crabbe
Chief Operating Officer